Of The Day! Housing Trends for 2014

Ever wonder what’s going to be “in” for the next season, but not sure where to find this information out? Well, we’ve got some scoop on trends for 2014 to tell you about. The National Association of Realtors® did an interview with a remodeling firm to see just what kind of things we can expect to see in houses in the new year. It’s pretty exciting stuff, and we’ve found that some of these elements have already been incorporated into homes we currently have on the market. If you’re looking to buy, remodel, or build, take a look at what’s forecasted to be “hot” in 2014.

1. Embellished showers: Showers are becoming more popular than tubs, and one feature growing in popularity is the curb-less shower.

5314 Spicewood Lane, Frisco, TX

2. U-sockets: These wall plugs have two built-in USB ports to power up devices, such as iPhones, digital cameras, tablets, and more. U-sockets also have a smart sensor that allows it to automatically shut off when the device is fully charged.

3. Stand-alone bath tubs: For those home owners who still desire a bathtub, the free-standing tub is growing in demand. It takes up less space and also serves as a structural element to dress up a room.

6023 Lupton Drive, Dallas, TX

2430 Victory Park Lane #2608, Dallas, TX

6517 Timber Wolf Trail, Plano, TX

4. Seeing blue: Bright colors are “in,” particularly cobalt blue. Expect to see it more in the new year, even in the kitchen.

4200 Pecan Orchard, Parker, TX

5. More modest decor: The industrial modern decor look was big in 2013, but Neil Kelly Co. designers expect that style to be more “relaxed, classic, and modest” in 2014. Stone, metal, and wood will continue to be popular, but the designers expect that rounded designs with earth shades and raw metal finishes to become more prevalent in interiors in 2014.

3210 White Spruce Drive, Frisco, TX

3904 Amberwood Drive, Addison, TX

6. More multigenerational features: More multigenerational features will be incorporated homes to help better accommodate more people living under one roof, such as aging parents and boomerang kids. For example, features like wall mounted sinks for wheelchairs, walk-in bathtubs, and motion sensing faucets are expected to grow in demand.

1901 Park St., Azle, TX

6734 Aberdeen Ave., Dallas, TX

7. Eco-friendly cabinets: Earth-friendly cabinets that are chemical-free and do not have added formaldehyde and non-toxic glues, binders, and finishes will likely increase in popularity.

Don’t all of these sound great? We can’t wait to see what 2014 has to offer for new home design! Thanks for joining us on today’s edition of OTD!

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