Live•Play•DWELL•DFW Metro – We did it again….Top of the List!


Well, Texas is winning awards and making headlines once again. For the tenth year in a row, Texas has been named the best state in the country for business by Chief Executive magazine. The winning bid comes as a result of a survey of more than 500 American CEO’s who voted based on taxes and regulatory issues, quality of workforce, public health, and cost of living.

Some of the biggest contributors to this national ranking are the powerhouse companies that are based in Texas, including Exxon Mobil, AT&T, Dell, and Southwest. These companies provide strong numbers for the state’s low unemployment rate. Gov. Rick Perry announced in April 2014 that the Texas economy had added 64,100 jobs.

“Rising job numbers and falling unemployment rates continue to equal more opportunity for Texans,” Perry said in a statement. “Every job created represents someone working to build a better life for themselves and their families, whether that means being able to own a home, send a child to college, save for retirement or make other important investments in their future.”

Do you want to more about how GREAT our area is… just click here.  Let’s chat!

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