DIY – Window Picture Frame


I love the vintage decor that is so popular right now! Have you ever tried to make some of it yourself? I ran across this picture online and I fell in love. I decided that I can make this! After some online searching this is what I found I need to do:

  1. First, go garage sale or flea market shopping and find an old window. The more scraped up the better! If it isn’t distressed enough, use sandpaper or a hammer to knick it up. Clean it and touch up the paint (if necessary). Let dry.
  2. Find an image you would like in your frame. I love this old map…or just print one of your favorite pictures. You could even do a different picture in each spot.
  3. Turn the window over and place your picture/map on the back and trim then tape it down.
  4. Last, add a sawtooth hanger on the back and then it is ready to be nailed.

I can’t wait to try this myself. Will you try it too? Send me pictures of your final product! If you have any other fun and easy DIY projects or if you want to talk real estate, feel free to call me at 214.769.2142 or you can email me at


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