Want To Sell or Buy a Luxury Home?

If you have a home that you would like to sell for $750,000 or more, then it is considered a Luxury Home. It is critical that you use a qualified Ebby Halliday Realtor agent that is specialized in this kind of sale. The LOPEZ Group partners with Luxury Portfolio International, a website that presents a gallery of the finest luxury properties and brokerages worldwide. “This group collectively has decades of experience in the high-end luxury real estate market.” Luxury Portfolio offers extensive search engines and social media strategies to make sure your listing gets noticed! They also utilize international websites such as www.juwai.com and www.wallstreetjournal.com.

Clients wanting to purchase a Luxury Home are able to find many listings from all over the world by using Luxury Portfolio International. The LOPEZ Group has listings and below are some of our favorites! Just click on the link above to find additional listings from our group.

If you are considering listing your Luxury Home or if you are in the market to purchase a Luxury Home, then let The LOPEZ Group help you! We are qualified and knowledgeable on these types of transactions. We can help you step-by -step through the whole process. Contact us today at 214.769.2142.

The LOPEZ Group


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