The GISD “Choice of School” Program is a PLUS for Garland Residents!

Do you know how GREAT Garland ISD really is?  Check out these highlights or call me to find out more!  214.769.2142

GISD offers education YOUR WAY! Most districts require your child to attend the school that is closest to your home, but Garland has a program called “Choice of School” and it allows you to customize your child’s education based on their interests and learning style. Some examples could be a Montessori experience, a school that highlights dance, gymnastics, wood-working or automotive repair. GISD offers this to children from age 3 all the way to 12th grade. To read more information about the “Choice of School” program you can click on the following link:

GISD has so many wonderful things to offer to their students. Athletics and Spirit Groups begin in the 7th grade. There is a wide variety of team sports and spirit groups to choose from. The STEAM program is offered within the classrooms in GISD. It incorporates student-centered critical thinking, creativity, innovation, problem solving, collaboration and communication between the students. There is also a Magnet Program for qualifying students. It has a more specialized and innovated curriculum. Also, the CTE (Career and Technical Education) program allows students to earn industry certifications and college credit while in high school.

Special services are offered as well in the Garland ISD. Special education, counseling, dyslexia, homeless and foster care resources, special education…just to name a few. For more information about GISD “Choice of School” program, GISD in general or anything about the Garland area, feel free to contact me at 214.769.2142. If I don’t have an answer, I will take the time to research and find out for you!

-Cynthia Lopez

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