For ALL My Sellers out there – Buy Now. Sell Later!

The most common concern I receive from my Seller(s) is:  What if I Sell my home before finding the next one and I’m left with trying to find a short-term rental, an extended stay or worse…homeless! Here is one solution that many of my clients are taking advantage of – read on…

If you are one of the many people who would like to purchase a home but you need equity from your present home to complete the purchase, then The Home Team Bridge Loan through The Home Team Mortgage Company is an option for you. This is an exclusive loan product available to well qualified borrowers. With this loan, there is no need for sales contingencies and you can depend on a fast closing. It has great interest rates, minimal closing costs, an easy approval process and convenient simultaneous closings.

The Home Team Mortgage Company also has a wonderful pre-underwriting program. You can shop for a home knowing you have secured financing and you can make that immediate offer. They will also assure your offer stands out from among the others without cost and subject only to the property approval. Pre-underwriting also allows the purchase transaction to close much more rapidly.

So if you want to be confident that your financing will be secure when you list your home and purchase your new one, then combine The Home Team Mortgage’s Pre-Underwriting and Bridge Loan programs. For more information or to answer any questions, contact Tammie Mitchel at 469.330.1062 or email her at

It’s a great time to SELL – Now, Let’s SELL that house and get you into your next perfect home!  Call us, lets Chat – 214.769.2142


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