Connecting our Clients to the Lifestyle of their dreams – LUXETRENDS: HOLIDAY PARTY AROUND THE POOL

Happiest Holidays Friends…The weather outside may be frightful for some of us – especially those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, but that doesn’t mean the pool party is over, it’s just moved inside! Check out these stunning properties with glamorous indoor pools that are sure to chase away the winter blues. Toss the scarves and gloves aside and make a splash by having your holiday party around the pool.

Unbridled Luxury in Prominent Tynewood- Piney Point, Texas

Stunning Santa Ana Property- Santa Ana Costa Rica

Brookwood- Jewel of the Highlands- Shoreline, Washington

Magnificent Palatial Mansion in Bedfordview, South Africa

Gorgeous Beverly Hills Style Property- Wavre, Belgium

One-of-a-Kind Property- Elkhart, Indiana

We want to Wish you a Very Happy and Safe Holiday Season. CLo and DLo

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