Adult Liquid

Looks like Southern Living knows where to have fun in Big D. The magazine’s staffers recently “sipped their way through the South to compile a list of their 100 favorite Southern bars.” 15 of these are in the great state of Texas and 4 of them are right in our backyard in Dallas. What’s fun is that each bar on the list has been given a signature drink. So, if after reading all of our weekend suggestions, you still need something to do this weekend, why not try out a new spot? Here are the four Dallas bars and their drinks that made the cut.


Windmill Lounge  Bar Smyth

^Windmill Lounge                                                            ^Bar Smyth

Your drink: A dry martini                                   Your drink: Bartender’s Choice

The Cedars Social     The Standard Pour

^The Cedars Social                                                              ^The Standard Pour

Your drink: The Diki Diki                                                  Your drink: The Brimstone


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