From gooey and decadent to light and refreshing, we present a new wave of desserts, destined to satisfy your sweet tooth.

image of s’mores image of bruleed figs with marscapone
ABOVE LEFT: S’Mores TILLMAN’S ROADHOUSE 324 W. Seventh St. (in Bishop Arts), 214-942-0988 WHAT: Tableside s’mores made from scratch FOR: Grown-up Camp Fire Girls HOW: Every ingredient is house-made, from the rustic grahams to the fat slab of chocolate to the marshmallows, in a rainbow of novelty flavors: maple, orange, and coffee. It’s fun to assemble, and delicious solo, too. ABOVE RIGHT: Brûléed Figs with Mascarpone DALLAS FISH MARKET 1501 Main St., 214-744-3474 WHAT: Sultry remake of cheese course FOR: Euro-sophisticates HOW: Voluptuous knob of mascarpone, kissed with cinnamon, bunks up tight next to a sweet jam of dried figs laced with Grand Marnier, that are fired until they get a crisp, candied edge. Simple but sensational. 


image of chocolate moon pie image of chocolate peppermint cream cake
ABOVE LEFT: Chocolate Moon Pie PAPPAS BROTHERS STEAKHOUSE 10477 Lombardy Ln., 214-366-2000 WHAT: Cookie concoction gone cuckoo FOR: Architecture buffs HOW: Thick block of taut chocolate mousse stands nearly 6 inches tall, with a ladle of Godiva chocolate ganache and a jaunty house-made marshmallow, its edges singed. Crème anglaise and a sprinkling of Heath Bar crunch, and you are good to go. ABOVE RIGHT: Chocolate Peppermint Cream Cake KATHLEEN’S SKY DINER 4424 Lovers Ln., 214-691-2355 WHAT: Not the same ol’ chocolate cake FOR: Chocophiles HOW: Kathleen Ellington’s crazy-scientist dabbling into candy-bar flavors produced this devil’s food layer cake with pretty-in-pink peppermint icing made from melt-in-your-mouth buttercream, the real deal. Wait a day, if you can, and the mint goo oozes down into the cake. 



image of interactive make-your-own cannoli image of tower of cookies
ABOVE LEFT: Interactive Make-Your-Own Cannoli NOVE 3090 Olive St. (in Victory Park), 214-720-9903 WHAT: Sicily’s signature pastry FOR: Wannabe pastry chefs HOW: You’re in charge. You get mini cannoli shells, sweet ricotta you pipe from a wee pastry bag, and garnishes galore: chocolate and strawberry sauces, chopped fruit and nuts, chocolate flakes, and colored sprinkles. Wheee! ABOVE RIGHT: Tower of Cookies ABACUS 4511 McKinney Ave., 214-559-3111 WHAT: Baker’s dozen FOR: Cookie monsters HOW: Drama! Cellophane wrapper falls away, revealing 10-inch stack of 13 crunchy epicurean goodies. There’s always a bar (chocolate cherry pecan, oh), with maybe a chocolate thumbprint with fondant, a classic snickerdoodle, or a foreign treat such as the alfajore, South America’s beloved sandwich cookie.
image of green tea cake image of coconut cream pie
ABOVE LEFT: Green Tea Cake ASIAN MINT 11617 N. Central Expwy., 214-363-6655 WHAT: Ice cream cake turns Japanese FOR: Modernists HOW: Green tea ice cream gets wedged between layers of green-tea-flavored spongecake, followed by a thin coat of vanilla icing and a decorative scoop of ice cream. Served cool, its edges so precisely trimmed, you’ll feel virtuous eating it. ABOVE RIGHT: Coconut Cream Pie STRONG’S EVERYDAY TAVERN 2816 Fairmount St., 214-303-1880 WHAT: Scrumptious Southern splurge FOR: Mama’s boys and girls HOW: Recipe from owner Larry Lavine’s wife, Ann, has a secret ingredient: Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut, stirred into the custard along with eggs, half-and-half, and toasted coconut. It also has a funky graham-cracker crust, enriched with toasted pecans.
image of ice cream/sorbet sampler image of churros with cajeta
ABOVE LEFT: Ice Cream⁄Sorbet Sampler CRAFT 2440 Victory Park Ln. (at the W Hotel), 214-397-4111 WHAT: Five by five FOR: Wafflers HOW: A scoop of everything melty, with flavors that rotate, each in its own dear, sweet ramekin. Could be malted milk chocolate, rum raisin, or Mexican vanilla flecked with vanilla bean; could be potent banana sorbet or bracing Meyer lemon sherbet. Officially for sharing, but back off, I say. Back. Off. ABOVE RIGHT: Churros with Cajeta LANNY’S 3405 W. Seventh St., Fort Worth, 817-850-9996 WHAT: Hot Latin doen-doens FOR: Indigenous-loving foodies HOW: Four hot crullers come dusted with sugar and Mexican cinnamon. Luscious cajeta dipping sauce is made with goat milk from La Cuesta Farm in Clifton, Texas, reduced until it transforms into a deep, nearly spiritual caramel

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